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Archive for December 2013

Signing the contract for your new home soon? Make sure you understand the terms and terminology used to ensure you are signing the correct agreement. Here are a few of the ones most commonly used:

PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT: The document that creates a valid enforceable contract between a buyer and seller in Georgia is called a Purchase and Sale Agreement. This contract has been created and pre-approved by attorneys and the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) and includes but is not limited to terms related to the legal description of the property, purchase price, buyer’s intended loan terms, buyer’s earnest money, closing date and possession, inspection, and agency.

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Searching for a home in this real estate market? Here are a few real estate myths debunked:

As a buyer I can probably get a better deal by buying directly from the homeowner.
Research by the National Association of Realtors® has shown this not to be true. It is often in the negotiation process that a Realtor’s® experience will be of benefit to you. Many problems can occur after the initial offer has been accepted which may prevent the house from closing. This time is critical and the advice of an experienced agent can be of significant value.

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