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Intown Real Estate Atlanta GA - Inman ParkWhen it comes to the housing market, few American cities are seeing a boom quite like Atlanta.

Great weather coupled with excellent housing and job opportunities are making this metropolis more attractive than ever before.

If you’re looking to keep your in-town, city life and want to make a sound real estate investment, there are several neighborhoods to look at in the city.

Many of these focus around Atlanta’s Green Belt, which is the focus of a major renovation project in the city over the next couple of years. With new transportation links, shopping, bars and restaurants all on the cards for these areas, it’s little wonder that smart home shoppers are setting their targets firmly in-town.

Inman Park

With all the ease of a suburb but only a stone’s throw from the downtown area, Atlanta’s Inman Park is perfect for those who are looking for older homes and fixer-uppers. Loaded with quaint coach-houses, the area is known for two of the city’s most popular green spaces: Freedom Park and Springvale Park. Some of the ATL’s favorite restaurants are also located in Inman Park, as well as pubs and relaxed sidewalk cafes, making it a haven for young parents and local hipsters.


The Highlands” is quite likely one of Atlanta’s most popular neighborhoods for families and young professionals, giving great-value housing along with good schools and excellent cultural opportunities. Nightlife opportunities are a huge draw, with a large variety of both ethnic and southern-inspired restaurants, as well as a great local bar scene. The area is also home to multiple music festivals, street fairs and parades throughout the year.

Ansley Park

Bumping up against and sometimes even into Midtown, Atlanta’s Ansley Park is in the vicinity of over 200 bars and restaurants, not to mention one of the city’s largest green spaces with Piedmont Park. If you or your family like cultural festivals, then you’re in luck in this area, as there’s a party for everything from food trucks to rock music. Most of the property comes in apartment or condo form, but great houses are also on offer with a little bit of a dig.

Castleberry Hill

Love vintage architecture and city views? This green-belt favorite is the hot tip amongst homebuyers in Atlanta in 2014. A truly up-and-coming locale, the city is investing hundreds and thousands of dollars into revamping the area, including transportation links from the green belt investment that will connect Castleberry Hill to 45 other communities on the line.

Atlanta’s in-town communities make a great investment for both the first time and experienced home buyer. With great access to the city, you can have your green spaces and still enjoy an urban lifestyle. Now more than ever, the ATL is looking like one of the best options for homebuyers in the country.

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