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Much like fashion, there are real estate trends every year that are important to pay attention to. From home styles to locations, trends can shape and shift every year, effecting your potential home purchase. This can also have a huge impact on the seller’s market. By keeping up with the latest trends in the home marketplace, you can make sure you get the best deals, as well as the best prices.

Trend #1: More luxury apartments are moving back towards the city.

As more young people join the home-buying marketplace, there’s been a huge trend to move not to the suburbs, but back towards the city, particularly in towns such as Atlanta. Atlanta Fine Homes offer many different areas to appeal to young families and professionals, such as Buckhead or the Old 4th Ward — both of which are seeing a major building boom over the past few years. This shift has also seen a move away from traditional housing and more towards luxury apartment or condo-style living.

Trend #2: Luxury accommodations are being judged on their fixtures.

If you love the Food Network, you’re certainly not alone, as many new homebuyers are looking for those beautifully appointed, chef-inspired kitchens to go along with their culinary dreams. Professional ovens and top-of-the-line equipment is a huge selling feature for today’s homebuyer. Bathrooms also top the list for desirable fixtures, with wetrooms and luxury showers being big plus points.

Trend #3: Soundproofing is a must have.

While the trend may be to move back towards the city and a love of the urban lifestyle, nobody wants to be woken up by that noisy club at 3am. Soundproof windows and carefully constructed walls are a great investment for anyone looking to sell their home, apartment or condo, particularly if it’s in a more lively part of Atlanta. Peace and quiet is a luxury that everyone looks for, and being able to move into your own oasis of calm is certainly a bonus.

Trend #4: Home offices, or office spaces, are highly desirable.

As more and more people make the shift to work from home, having a home office becomes an important aspect of any Sotheby’s Atlanta Real Estate luxury home. Look for additional power outlets, a location in the home that’s conducive to less noise from the kids or even being cable-ready for that high-speed internet access. When you’re looking at luxury properties, be sure you make a note of spaces that could potentially fulfill this need, particularly if you’re someone who regularly brings work home.

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