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Searching for a home in this real estate market? Here are a few real estate myths debunked:

As a buyer I can probably get a better deal by buying directly from the homeowner.
Research by the National Association of Realtors® has shown this not to be true. It is often in the negotiation process that a Realtor’s® experience will be of benefit to you. Many problems can occur after the initial offer has been accepted which may prevent the house from closing. This time is critical and the advice of an experienced agent can be of significant value.

With all the information on the internet I can find a house just as easily without an agent.
Finding a home is only a fraction of the services provided by your Buyer’s Agent. Pictures on the internet do not tell the entire story. Is the house located next to a train track? Can you overlook the interstate from your deck? All these questions are best answered by visiting the home and it is always best to be represented by a professional. I have been educated on real estate laws and contracts, and work to improve their knowledge on a daily basis.

It is to my advantage to buy from the agent that I met in the open house.
All listing agents are representing the seller. If so, you will forfeit your right to your own representation.

It is to my advantage to use the on-site agent to purchase a newly constructed home.
The agent in a new home subdivision represents the home builder. Most of the time the builder has already set the commission rate for each home sale and this does not usually change, so saving a great deal of money is not possible. If you use the builder’s agent you will forfeit your right to representation and it will not save you.

If I see a yard sign or an ad in the newspaper, I must call the agent in the ad or on the sign to learn about the property.
Your Buyer’s agent can find out the information for you for any house or land listed for sale. It is always best to have your own representation for negotiations.

My Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty agent, Jay Bailey, can only help me find a home in the State of Georgia.
Through our relocation network, we can acquire representation for you anywhere in the world.

An Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty agent can only show and sell their own company listings.
All members of the real estate community, including all Sotheby’s agents such as myself, can show all the homes and land currently for sale. A real estate agent possesses a license to sell property in the state of Georgia and can show any listed property in the state.

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