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Nearly everyone dreams about the day they can own a big, luxury house. However, in most markets, prices make that a nearly impossible dream. However, Atlanta’s housing marketing is perfect for those looking to make a leap to luxury homes both in price and style. There’s just one problem: availability. While the lack of homes under the $1 million mark continues to be a challenge for both realtors and buyers, those homes that generally found themselves in the $2.5 million and above mark are now offering significant discounts to buyers in order to move the process along. In essence, if you’ve thought of making the move, now may be the best time.

The Market Is Still Healthy

Despite a lack of inventory available, the housing marketing is steadily increasing year on year. This is true for both Atlanta and for the United States as a whole. While there isn’t a huge range of choice, those properties that are for sale aren’t just dipping their toes in the water. They’re looking to sell and they’re looking to sell now. If you’re a buyer in the luxury market, this could mean great discounts and more wiggle room to negotiate.

Atlanta’s Luxury Homes Are Truly High Quality

With the luxury homes being built in the Atlanta area, it’s little wonder that such stars such as P. Diddy and Elton John choose to have homes here. One can expect high-quality finishes, luxury kitchens that would please any budding gourmet and spacious living areas that are perfect for parties. This isn’t just in-town either. Suburbs such as Buckhead and Dunwoody are also seeing their share of celebrities purchasing luxury homes and moving in.

Interest Rates Are Perfect

If you’re at all concerned about financing your dream home, then now’s the time to put that fear aside. Interest rates have remained steady at 4%-4.5%, making it easy to finance your new place and a great time to purchase a new condo in Atlanta. Additionally, if you are moving from a different area of the country, you can expect to get more for your luxury dollar in Atlanta.

Though it would seem with less inventory available that now wouldn’t be a great time to look into purchasing a new luxury home in Atlanta, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Speak to your real estate specialist to find out what’s on the market and in your price and requirements range. Atlanta just may surprise you.

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